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These documents, or links to them, are provided here in order to facilitate research - and in accordance with our Fair Use Policy.. They are part of a much larger research collection - so it is hoped to provide more documents here soon. Please note that much of the research below is also relevant to other vacccines and diseases.

Documents produced during the historical Western Polio Epidemics (1890 - 1962) - these cast a very different light on these epidemics than that found in most current medical textbooks. They are by doctors, medical academics and medical historians.Six of the first seven documents came from Jim Web's website on polio and pesticides - many thanks to Jim for findng them ..

Official Reports on early polio epidemics in Massachusetts These followed shortly after the world's first known polio epidemic - in neighbouring US state of Vermont.

Dr Bishkind -1951 how DDT is causing mass poisoning - and polio outbreaks

Dr Bishkind - another well referenced paper on DDT poisoning and polio

Dr Scobey - 1951 on the polio mystery

Dr Scobey - 1952 report on how toxins cause polio

Dr. Scobey - Evidence to Congress

Dr Scobey - brilliant 1954 paper on relationship of viruses to polio

Polio - relationship to clean water

Paralytic polio - 17 cases repored cured by massive doses of Vitamin C - an anti-toxin

Silent Spring - a book that brought about the banning of DDT in the US

The Koch Postulates - basic early virology rules- broken by Salk/Sabin's polio virus theory.

The origin of the germ theory of disease -1. the testimony of Dr Snow He argues that toxins do not cause cholera - only cholera causes cholera - this was later applied possibly mistakingly to polio

2. The underlying politics involved in the germ versus toxins debate of Dr Snow - the Lancet.


The History of the Polio Vaccine. - How the polio virus was found - or not found? Key new research points out that the virus identified as poliovirus was not present in many cases of polio - and is still not found! The polio vaccine was first launched in 1955. By 1958 it was proved not to work - so the disease was renamed in order to make the vaccine seem a succes. This forgotten history is documented below.

Connaught Labs - the Canadian role in growing the polio virus on monkey kidneys for the vaccine - details

Was the Polio Virus isolated before the Polio Vaccine was Invented? A look at the key experiments.

Edda West on the Polio Vaccine

Sabin and Bodian correspondence

British Medical Journal - on the risks undertaken at the launch of the polio vaccine

The link behind some polio cases and DPT vaccination

Harper's Magazine- 1955 - on the disaster at the launch of the polio vaccine

A 1956 history of the Salk Vaccine by medical historian Dr Bayley

How Salk's Vaccine failed to prevent polio - includes figures from 1956-58.

Another on the Salk vaccine - 1955-1956

Despite the vaccine - more polio - in 1958

The polio vaccine - does it prevent polio - 1959 figures

Professor Martin - history of the polio vaccine - and his discovery of monkey virus SCMV in cases of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - a virus again from the vaccine.

Bernice Eddy - the government safety scientist - tests Salk's vaccine and finds it seemingly causes cancer - in 1954-5 and again in 1958-9 - also on the Tuskagee medical experiment scandal

Eddy - her bio

How a Cervical Cancer, HeLa, was used to help develop the polio vaccine - and how it ran rampant, taking over Salk's samples - so he gave it to old people by accident.

More on the HeLa culture - and on what is happening 50 years later


An Early Attack on Vaccines with interesting contemporary observations - The Blood Poisoners

Another early attack -also very interesting The Poisoned Needle

Salk Vaccine does not stop polio

In case we forget - in the 1920s a fierce public campaign in the UK, involving protesting parents going to prison for refusing vaccination - stopped compulsory vaccination

The utter failure of the first mass-administered measure against polio (just prior to the vaccine)

How another toxin-caused disease, pellagia, was nearly blamed on a virus

The Martin legal case agaisnt the Sabin polio vaccine

Recent Research on Polio. Nearly all cases of the disease called 'polio' during the polio epidemics ( above) have since been renamed - what was called 'non-paralytic polio' is now commonly called viral meningitis, and what was called 'paralytic polio' is now mostly called 'Acute Fl.accid Paralysis" and sometimes called MND = 'Motor Neurone Disease' - so in this section we are using 'polio' in the sense of the old definition of paralytic polio used in the polio epidemics in the US -and against which the polio vaccine was invented.


A. On Contamination in the Vaccine- viruses and toxins

Urgent Workshop on SV40 and possible link to human cancers - 1997. It was the evidence produced at this workshop, which I attended, of SV40 associations with many cancers - that first started me on researching the polio vaccine. This is a transcriipt.

Top vaccine Scientists admit in 1999 that the polio vaccine (and MMR) cannot be purified to the recommended levels. - it still can contain very many dangerous viruses, toxins, cellular depris, free DNA. The transcript of a scientific discussion on vaccine contamination.

How contaminated vaccines may cause serious chronic diseases - paper by Dr. Uranovitz

Dr Uranovitz - on dangersin vaccines in 2003 - a thought provoking piece of original research

Dr Buttram on dangers of polio vaccine - in 2000

Nanobacteria remain in the polio vaccine (and in MMR)

Mercury pollution in vaccine, may damage blood-brain barrier that defends the brain.

Dangers of Organomercury pollution - can it cause polio?

Dr Sweet admits that they launched a polio vaccine contaminated with monkey viruses

Naked and Free DNA - an unregulated potentially dangerous contaminant in vaccines

Dirty Needles - evidence that needles for vaccination are frequently reused and not sterile- one suggested cause of AIDS

Contaminated Substrates on which the vaccine is grown - for polio, MMR etc

Monkey virus SV40 in polio vaccine is firmly linked to cancer -2001 report.

SV40 linked to Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma - a major cancer

SV40 DNA found in American Children recently



Legal Case - Company and Government memos show they knew the polio vacine remained contaminated with monkey viruses despite telling the public it was pure and safe - and show that the drug company did not even try to purify contaminated Sabin vaccine seed. Follow the links on this site to read several such confidential memos.

Lawyer's Research on contamination of Polio Vaccine - excellent.

More work by same lawyer

SV40 - the legal case

Legal case against polio vaccine fails - the Judgement.


B. On Pesticides - and other chemicals known to cause paralytic illness clinically identical to polio -(Note that some of these are dealt with above - such as organomercury - under vaccine contaminants.)

A pro-DDT history of this pesticide - as it is normally told, omitting research on its toxicity.

How the soil of former US orchards is still highly poisoned by lead-arsenate pesticide

Lead in soil - some US rules

How heavy metals travel along nerves into brain.

DDT in the 1960s - still affecting mothers' health

Mark Purdey's brilliant website on organophosphates and minerals - much on mad cow - from a Somerset farmer who should know..

 The Salk Institute now talks about the danger of pesticides

Pesticides found to increase cases of breast-cancer.

How Breast Implants can cause Paralytic Polio - another toxin linked to polio

Possible link of pesticides to Parkinson's disease

How Pesticides seem to damage the mitrochondria of our cells - vital to maintain good immune systems.

DDT - its impact today in India (where WHO authorises its use)

DDT - how it affects birds

How Toxins can affect our DNA

Organophospates and Guillaine-Barre Syndrome in China

The danger to the brain from nano-particles in pollution (and in vaccines)


C. On Acute Flaccid Paralysis (once called paralytic polio

Acute Flaccid Paralysis in Australia and UK

How Polio was hidden - a useful summary report - with links to more resources

How West Nile disease also causes Acute Flaccid Paralysis today - and may be pesticide rather than virus linked.

D. How Polio can be Cured - when it is recognisd to be caused by toxins.

See above on Vitamin C - and the papers by Biskind and Scobey


E. Other Recent Research on the poliovirus

Combining flu and poliovirus to invent a new virus

A conventional scientific view on how the vaccine gives immunity to the polio virus

The 100.000s affected by polio - and by the Post-Polio Syndrome.

What is a Virus? How do our cells create and use viruses? - Viruses were once thought to be our enemies - the word virus comes from the Latin for Poison. But today we know our cells create viruses - and that most viruses are utterly beneficial. What then makes them sometimes dangerous>

How our cells contain mini-engineers capable of making viruses


How the Monkey Viruses in Polio Vaccine affect humans.

SV40 has been shown to turn off a key gene that protects us from cancer - the p53 that stops cells multiplying- ie that puts a brake on any potential cancer. SV40 thus seems to make more dangerous a notorious toxin, asbestos. Both are present together in more than 85% of mesothelioma lung lining cancers. SV40 was widely present in the polio vaccine and may still be present at lower levels.

How p53 Damage is linked to Disease


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